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Big businesses tell UK they need Brexit clarity now. Some of the world's biggest companies in autos, energy and food have urged the United Kingdom to end the confusion over its future trade ties with the European Union.

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(ABC) UK car industry cites Brexit as cause of investment slowdown | Britain's leading car manufacturing trade association says investment in UK auto manufacturing has fallen by half in the last year due to worries over the impact of Britain leaving the European Union

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Portland feels like it's under siege.

I wrote this for /offmychest, but I'm banned for some reason(?), so I went to /trueoffmychest, and it was removed for presumably being too liberal, so I brought it here. I know everyone else here is living it but it's something I've been stewing on for a while and need to get out there.
There is so much happening in Portland right now. Each event would be momentous on it's own, and I'm certain you could find a place that has it worst in any of these categories, but I'm just as certain the confluence is unique.
Coronavirus: Of course, everywhere is dealing with the virus, but every town is also unique. Portland's economy is split in two, service and tech. For 20 years the service economy has boomed in Portland, replacing the industrial economy, a huge influx in visitors and migrants from other states skyrocketed rental prices. Compared to income, it's more expensive to live in Portland than it is Tokyo This is important because the service industry is dead right now, if you're not unemployed, many of your friends are, and because the other half of the economy is tech, they work from home, meaning the streets are dead quiet. It's a ghost town out there. Luckily the virus itself hasn't actually hit us that bad, despite being the third hotspot in the country, because our local and state government took swift, decisive, action. However, our main stress relief comes in the form of exploring and enjoying our beautiful outdoors, but we can't enjoy that right now because of....
The Fires: It's orange outside my house right now. You've seen the pictures, here's a satellite perspective. We can't go outside, we can't open our windows, we are locked in. Indoor air isn't safe because of COVID, outdoor air isn't safe because it's poisonous. "Well at least the city itself isn't on fire" you might say, wrong, there have been 500 fires so far in the city, this is the safest place only because of our amazing fire crews. If you don't have your curtains pulled and that ominous orange light is flowing into your home, your monkey brain screams "CLIMB THE NEAREST TREE, FIND WHERE THE SMOKE IS COMING FROM AND RUN THE OTHER DIRECTION." As I was writing this I just now saw ash on a spiderweb, then the web broke and fell from view. Winds are blowing and shaking any building you're in, and at anytime an ember could fall on some flammable surface. It's almost scarier at night because you can't see the smoke enveloping you. A vaccine may be coming for the Coronavirus, but there is no vaccine for the climate change driving these fires, and we will just have to start living with it. There was never smoke in my neighborhood when I was a kid, but now it's every year. If you live outside the main cities in Oregon, it's fairly likely you've been evacuated to the population centers, and if your house is safe from fires, it's not safe from looters taking advantage of this horrible situation. And that brings us to...
The Police: Portland is a very safe city, despite what you hear on the news (We'll get to that). It is in fact one of the safest cities in the country We do have an issue with property crime, but in the end of the day lives are more valuable than any property. However, the police have stopped responding to non-life threatening calls, and the calls they do respond to have a response time increased by 50%, that is if they respond at all. The official police line is they are stretched too thin due to the protests. What they don't say is the protests are overwhelmingly peaceful, except where police start the violence. The shear force they bring to these protests are an inappropriate use of resources, a protest of 100 people should not spread a police force so thin folks cannot count on the police at all. Everywhere in the US is experiencing a very predictable crime wave due to the pandemic, remember what I said about the sudden unemployment here? However, in Portland, most residents have the view that we are on our own right now, we view this as a purposeful strike by the police to punish the citizens of this city. But it's not just the local law enforcement that has abandoned us, it's also the....
Federal Government: For the last 4 years, Portland has been the go-to strawman for the executive government to outline some imagined lawlessness problem. They even went so far as to send hundreds of unknown and unaccountable troops to the city. The protests were very small, and contained, but the federal government responded as if it were the IRA come again. You've seen the photos, and they are harrowing. So much teargas was used, it created localized weather events. Who had teargas tornadoes on their 2020 bingo card? These goons attacked groups unprovoked, and with incredible force, all the while using non-violent actions as the excuse for violence. How many times does that report say "Violent anarchists graffiti...", graffiti isn't violent, folks. They are (mostly) gone now, but at the height, we had neighbors reporting seeing ATVs full of fully armored troops roaming the city in areas not even near the protests. Here is a very scary report of unknown troops using neighborhood backyards as ambush points. I myself was teargassed unprovoked, and have had these guys surround me with guns and threaten to arrest me on false charges while I was downtown by myself in broad daylight. I could go on about personal accounts, and the lies spread by DHS but suffice it to say "These are bad hombres". Now, the federal government is threatening to "defund" Portland through dubious and illegal methods. Of course most people don't hear about that because of the...
Biased media reporting about Portland: Take a look at the Fox News website any day, and you will see Portland mentioned multiple times. Today there are FOUR stories about Portland on the front page. You would think Portland is the most influential city in America, it's mentioned more than New York, LA, or anywhere else. Ask yourself "When was the last time I didn't know about something happening in Portland." Whenever something sad or scary happens here, you will see it on the national news, and you will have people celebrating. We are under constant, unscrupulous scrutiny from our culture), our natural wonders, our "crime", our disasters, our politics, and our laws. Even our efforts to fight climate change is ridiculed, which is particularly insulting while the state is on fire. Yes, some of this attention is good, but bad news sells, and even good news is spun to bring in the clicks. National news is profiting from our suffering, they package it and sell it to their viewers whether through hate (Fox News) or through pity (CNN) and we are simply tired of being under the magnifying glass this last 15 years. Besides local news, the only source that seems interested in getting it right is NPR. This media coverage gives a skewed view of what portland is, and that brings in a different problem...
Right Wing Terrorism: Portland has always been a place for the extreme left and extreme right to clash. Bush Sr. Called us "Little Beirut," and Oregon's founding as a white utopia has been going through a reckoning, but in the last 10 years it's gotten bad. A couple of years ago, a right wing extremist killed 2 and critically injured 1 at a place I used to hang out in highschool. Most of you have heard of "Patriot Prayer", these people pick fights in Portland, video tape it, then edit the footage to make themselves look like the victims. Most of the time, they are either ignored or peacefully removed, but they are there to instigate violence, and they will go to extremes to get it. You will see them every day downtown, harassing whoever walks by. There are other copycat groups now, and their provocations are getting more and more extreme. Two weekends ago, they gathered in pickup trucks, armed with visible rifles and drove to downtown portland, driving through crowds, using mace and pepperballs on the people there, and brandishing their firearms to anyone that stood up to the assault. There have even been calls to attack homeless camps in the city. They had said they were just going to have a small gathering, and when that didn't garner attention from the locals (Since we don't actually care about Trump supporters) they changed tactics to go downtown and assault the people there in order to get the reaction they came for. This is terrifying for us, and that's the point. These people have been brainwashed into thinking we are the enemy and need to be punished. The average Portlander views this as terroristic behavior, after all, what is the visual difference between this and this. These people came armed, and ready to assault people downtown. One of them was killed, which is a tragedy, and anyone here could tell you it was only a matter of time until they killed again or got themselves killed, especially as the rhetoric and action builds to insane levels. Example: leading up to this clash, someone was throwing pipe bombs at protests. Of course, they spread their venomous views on...
Social media: This obviously includes Reddit. Go onto /conservative and search portland to see how much they are preoccupied with us. Constant brigading in our subreddit and fake "My friend lives in Portland and..." posts, but it's not just Reddit. Wherever you go people are talking about Portland as if they live here. The general consensus of course is "Antifa has taken over and burned down the city", and if someone actually from portland comes in they are outshouted. Everyone has stories about being called by family members concerned about the antifa hoards. The ONLY people I know who were negatively effected by the protesters actions, and not the police actions, are my parents. They live between a protest gathering point and a police union. The protest marches by their house every day. One day, their fence was tagged (Will not post the image because it's easy to find on google maps.) The cleanup crew came the very next day, cleaned the graffiti, and left a nice card.
When this is all over, please come and visit (As long as you aren't coming just to fight a fabled anarchist), we are a beautiful city, with amazing art and culture. The music and dance scene isn't as great as it could be, but it is getting better, and you can't ask for more natural beauty. But right now, please understand we are having a rougher 2020 than most. And for my fellow Portlanders, and everyone else having a shit year, stay strong.
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Kaiserreich Beta 0.13 - ‘A King and his Captain’

Continuing our pattern of smaller, more focused updates we are delighted to bring you the Romanian rework! Of course we haven’t been idle in other places; many other nations, notably Serbia, have received changes as well. In addition, we are very pleased to give you one of our greatest performance improvements to date as a result of our new division limit and our totally rewritten annexation decisions; details for both can be found below. We hope you enjoy this update!
- The KR4 team
New Systems
Division Limit:
A new mechanic has been added to all nations; the division limit. It represents the total number of divisions that a country can safely support. The AI will simply not build past this limit. Players can build past this limit, but they will be notified when they’re over it (via a flashing alert on their Recruit & Deploy tab) and will receive a malus that increases the more they go over that limit.
Other Notable Additions
Reworked/Expanded Focus Trees
New Events
New Decisions
New Custom Country Paths
New Game Rules
New portraits for:
Music Mod
Notable Fixes
Other Fixes
We hope you enjoy playing Kaiserreich as much as we did making it!
- The KR4 Team: Alpinia, Arvidus, Augenis, Blackfalcon501, DSFDarker, Carmain, Dr. Njitram, Drozdovite, Edouard Saladier, Éloïse, Eragaxshim, Fbruchmueller, Flamefang, Fort, Gideones, JazzyHugh, Jeankedezeehond, Jonjon428, Jonny BL, Krco, Liegnitz, Maltesefalcon, Matoro, NukeGaming, OperationsManagementDecisions, PPsyrius, Pietrus, Rei VL, Rylock, SPQR, Starguard, Telcontar101, The Alpha Dog, Thomahawk2k, Vidyaország, WordZero, Yard1, Zankoas and Zimbabwe Salt Co.
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The 2020/2021 Eredivisie Preview [Part 1/2]

Welcome one and all to the 3rd annual preview of the Eredivisie: the one league in the world without a proper champion or relegated teams this year. The KNVB were the first nation to pull the plug on the competition, a decision that went super smoothly and caused no anger or vitriol whatsoever.
So yeah, for the first time in quite a while, we have the exact same 18 teams duking it out for glory, and just because its the same teams doesn’t mean that results will be the same. Has ADO recovered from the Pardew Party? Will PSV’s reboot bear any fruit, and how exactly will Robben do after un-retirement? Like last time, I have given my own generic predictions of the Eredivisie clubs, but have again asked fans about their expectations, players to watch, and why you should support them? With all that in mind, let’s get started with talking about the first nine clubs of the competition.
It should be noted that with the transfer market open until October, there’s a pretty solid chance that these previews and the points made in them will feel hilariously outdated in a month’s time.


Pos. Games W D L GF GA GD Points
17 26 4 7 15 25 54 -29 19

It turns out not replacing the player responsible for close to 50% of your goal tally isn’t good. The transfer of El Khayati meant that ADO had an mostly over the hill squad with the only bright spark being an okay loan signing in Crysencio Summerville. It led to manager Fons Groenendijk throwing in the towel. Then came the one and only Alan Pardew and an army of loanees. Awesome Ghostbusters tifo aside, Pardew didn’t really manage to improve the squad and was almost certainly going towards relegation, but the decision by the KNVB to not go through with relegation meant they were saved, to the chagrin of plenty.
Following last season’s debacle, ADO have under the leadership of Martin Jol gone through a restructuring of the squad, signing some talented players like Samy Brourard and Andrei Ratiu, defenders like Boy Kemper and Peet Bijen, and letting go of club icons Lex Immers and Tom Beugelsdijk, who’s dulcet tones of RUSTAAAAGH will never be heard in a ADO shirt again. Going for club icon Alexandar Rankovic as manager is a risk, but the mood at ADO seems to be that they’ve learned from last season and have made efforts to improve the side with exciting and young players, but whether those players are ready for the Eredivisie is unclear at this point.
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Lex Immers Permanent ADO Den Haag NAC Breda Free
Tom Beugelsdijk Permanent ADO Den Haag Sparta Rotterdam Free
Samy Brourard Permanent FC Eindhoven ADO Den Haag Free
Peet Bijen Permanent FC Twente ADO Den Haag Free
Arweiler - Kramer
Rigo - Goossens - De Boer - Brouard
Kemper- Bijen - Pinas- Van Ewijk
Samy Brourard - Did pretty good at FC Eindhoven in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie and the hope will be that he brings the creativity ADO sorely lacked last season
Vicente Besuijen - Returns to the Eredivisie after playing for AS Roma’s youth academy. An exciting winger who will likely get the time to grow.


Pos. Played Win Draw Loss GF GA GD Points
1 25 18 2 5 68 23 45 56

After the spectacular 2018/19 season, things could only go worse for Ajax., However, despite the departure of de Jong and De Ligt, Ajax was still playing great football, with Quincy Promes and Lisandro Martinez adding some new impulses to the team. Everything looked hunky dory… until the Champions League game against Chelsea. That insane 4-4 draw felt like the end of the party, with Ajax failing to get out of the UCL group stage and later falling victim to Getafe’s shithousery. That nosedive in form also happened in the competition, leading AZ to catch up. Just as things looked to somewhat improve...the season was over. Ajax kept their 1st spot only through goal difference, which means that while they didn’t officially win the competition, they did qualify for the Champions League.
u/Mrcrashdummy: Last season was kind of a mixed bag. We started out great, made it into group stage of the CL and easily beat Lille and Valencia. At the end of the calendar year something changed. Lots of injures and that bizarre game versus Chelsea seemed to be the start of a worrisome second half of the season. Getting knocked out of the EL by Getafe was a disaster and losing the next two league games as well made me worry for the title. Just after that the competition got suspended, however. Ajax was awarded the first place but no title. It feels strange, but it’s the fairest way to do it in my opinion.
Ajax will once again continue the path it's been following since 2018, but it will have to do that without Hakim Ziyech and Donny van de Beek. At time of writing, it's still unclear whether the likes of Tagliafico and Onana will follow. Regardless, Ajax still has by far the most quality squad in the whole competition, and anything less than the title will be considered a disappointment. Most interesting will be the continuing balancing act between big signings like Antony and Kudus and the talents like Ryan Gravenberch or Devyne Rensch looking for their breakthrough.
u/Mrcrashdummy: I’m quite hopeful. We haven’t lost a game all pre-season. Doesn’t mean a lot, but still. The new signings Antony and especially Kudus look to be something special. Expectations in Eredivisie are always the same; to win it. This season is no different. Looking at the squads of other teams, I say we are the ones to beat. Hopefully we can go through to the KO-stage of the Champions League. I’m not expecting another run like in 2018/2019, a place with the last 16 is more than enough for me. My biggest fear is losing more key players. We already lost van de Beek and Ziyech. Onana and Tagliafico are the two players most linked with big clubs, but I hope we can keep them both here for at least another season.
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Antony Permanent Sao Paulo Ajax 15,275,000
Mohamed Kudus Permanent FC Nordsjælland Ajax 9,000,000
Hakim Ziyech Permanent Ajax Chelsea 45,000,000
Donny van de Beek Permanent Ajax Manchester United 40,000,000
Promes - Tadic - Antony
Gravenberch - Kudus - Alvarez
Tagliafico* - Blind - Schuurs - Dest
*= likely to leave, but still in squad at time of writing
Antony - A transfer so big Ajax had to make an entire music video to celebrate it. Antony will likely be brought in slowly like his fellow Brazilian Neres but what has been shown has looked very promising.
Ryan Gravenberch - One of Ajax’s biggest talents and their youngest debut player ever, taking the record from Clarence Seedorf. A very similar type of player to him.
Perr Schuurs - Last season was a tad too early for him, but this should be Schuurs’ time to shine. Strong central defender with some obvious comparisons to be made to De Ligt
u/Mrcrashdummy: Kudus seems to be a real gem; he can play on almost every position on the pitch. Antony has an amazing dribble, something we always like to see at Ajax. I hope Naci Ünüvar, one of the biggest talents I’ve ever seen play at our academy, gets some game time. And finally, Devyne Rensch. The kid is just 17 years old but plays in such a mature way. Can play as a both a centre-back and left/right-back. Really excited to see his progress this season, I think he’ll get to make quite some minutes in our first team.
u/Mrcrashdummy: Ajax plays football the way it’s meant to be played. Always going forward, never parking the bus. A player who beats his opponent with an amazing dribble is almost just as applauded in our stadium as a goal. Young talents get made here; you get to watch the future of football. All in all: it’s just the most beautiful club, ever.


Pos. Played Win Draw Loss GF GA GD Points
2 25 18 2 5 54 17 37 56

AZ will have all the reason to feel hard done by the season’s ending, because if any team was looking to challenge Ajax’s dominance, it was the club from Alkmaar. Almost everything seemed to work out for Arne Slot’s side: they had the least conceding defence with a goalkeeper in the form of his life, a great midfield duo in Koopmeiners and Midtsjo and arguably the best attacking lineup of the competition with Idrissi, Stengs and Boadu. Not too shabby for a club that couldn’t even play most of their season at home due to the roof of their stadium collapsing. AZ was competing for their 3rd ever title, but just as they equaled Ajax in all but goal difference, the season was over and AZ remained 2nd. Tough breaks.
u/PiraatPaul: It was madness. A screenwriter would've been laughed at for writing it. The stadium roof collapse, the last-second goals against Antwerp, Partizan and Ajax, the away home games in The Hague, the combined 9-0 away wins against Ajax, Feyenoord, and PSV, getting knocked out of the cup by a team from the second division, the 4000 away fans at Old Trafford, and to top it all off the pandemic ending it short and finishing 2nd place on goal difference. I won't forget this season for a while, it's just too bad it never got the ending it deserved.
That tough break proved to be a hard pill to swallow, with the AZ directors attempting to be named as first in the Eredivisie on account of head-to-head results rather than goal difference, but UEFA’s silence on the matter meant that effort proved fruitless. AZ beating Viktoria Plzen in CL Qualifiers does mean that they’re at least assured of the Europa League. AZ will attempt once again to be title contenders, and they’ve shown last season that that is possible if they can keep their star players as well as get more players in certain areas.
u/PiraatPaul: I'm excited for this season but also nervous. Our preseason was absolutely terrible. 3 goals in 7 games, one win and one draw. Of course it doesn't mean anything and we won our only competitive match in the CL qualifiers. I hope we can be a real title candidate again, like last year. I fear that our squad depth is far too low to be a title candidate though, especially if we keep "fighting on three fronts (league, cup, europe)".
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Timo Letschert Permanent HSV AZ Alkmaar Free
Stijn Wuytens Permanent AZ Alkmaar Lommel SK Free
Thomas Ouwejan Loan (w option to buy) AZ Alkmaar Udinese Free
Idrissi - Boadu - Stengs
Koopmeiners - De Wit - Midstjo
Wijndal - Vlaar - Letschert - Svensson
Hakon Evjen - Part of a very talented generation of Norwegian players, Evjen was named the Eliteserien Player of the Year in 2019. After half a season of acclimating, we should see more of his talent come through
Mohamed Taabouni - One of AZ’s most exciting talents, a very quick hard working attacking midfielder that might not get a starting spot yet, but will make some exciting cameos. The Moroccan FA has already courted him for a potential switch.
u/PiraatPaul: Everyone points to Myron Boadu and Calvin Stengs, but Oussama Idrissi is my favourite attacker at the moment. He's the one bringing danger and creativity when the other two are lacking. I think the goals will be coming from him this season
Teun Koopmeiners is also one to look out to. Already linked with Milan and Arsenal, but I really hope he stays this season. Since our centreback position is really understaffed he often gets put back to defense, but he really belongs in midfield. He's our captain and controls the play like a seasoned professional.
As for emerging talents, I would say Tijani Reijnders and Håkon Evjen are the players to look out for. Reijnders was one of the standout players in preseason and and will hopefully get a lot of gametime this season. Evjen came over from Norway last winter and hasn't been able to show his talent yet, but I'm certain he's got it.
u/PiraatPaul: We are the perfect hipster option if you want to support a title challenger but not one of the established "big three" (Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord). Our clubs focus is with youth development, with most of our starting XI coming from our own academy. We play attractive, possession-based football, we have a young energetic manager, we have a brand new stadium roof under construction, what's not to like?


Pos. Played Win Draw Loss GF GA GD Points
12 26 9 5 12 32 45 -13 32

After having plenty of sympathy and eyes on their first ever Eredivisie season, Emmen has remained steadfast in its ambition to become a solid midtable team. The Roodwitten had almost a completely different team compared to last season, but the biggest compliment they could get is the fact they were never in real relegation trouble. At home, they were downright invincible, but constantly lost away from De Oude Meerdijk. Its unclear what would’ve happened had the season continued, but Emmen can now prepare for a 3rd season in the Eredivisie.
u/Dutch-Sculptor: I was content about last season. Everybody thought we would be fighting against relegation but we ended in 12th place. And we were closer to the top half then we were to 13th place so it was very good for us.
Once again, Emmen will have to do with a very different team, with highlights like Kerim Frei and Michael Heylen leaving. However, Emmen has managed to keep manager Dick Lukkien and he even signed a contract extension, despite interest from FC Twente. Emmen has also gotten a lot bolder about their ambitions, signing players like Simon Tibbling and even trying to court Groningen goalkeeper Sergio Padt, though that didn't go anywhere. Emmen’s goal to remain in the Eredivisie remains intact, and while they still need to add just a few more players to the team, becoming full on relegation candidates seems unlikely.
u/Dutch-Sculptor: I hope we can repeat what we did last year of even better and that we can hold on to the better players. Also we've got some new players of which 4 are around 19/20 years old. Very talented and most have played in their nation's youth teams and/or UEFA youth league. I'm hoping the can settle here and grow to great players.Also I have season tickets so my biggest hope is that this ffing corona buzzes off and we can see most matches.
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Caner Cavlan Permanent Austria Wien FC Emmen Unknown
Simon Tibbling Permanent Brondby FC Emmen 800,000
Michael Heylen Permanent FC Emmen Sparta Free
De Leeuw - Kolar - Laursen
Tibbling - Pena - Chacon
Cavlan - Veendorp - Araujo - Bijl*
*= Likely to leave, but still at squad at time of writing
Sergio Pena - Named Voetbal International’s Player of the Season last year. The Peru international is a really fun player to watch and the source of Emmen’s creative play.
Simon Tibbling - Returning to his former assistant manager at FC Groningen, a Sweden international joining Emmen shows the ambition Emmen wants to exude. Should form an effective partnership with Pena.
u/Dutch-Sculptor: Players to look out for are Bijl, Pena, Simon Tibbling and let's hope some of the new young players like Lucas Bernadou (from Paris Saint Germain) and Sekou Sidibe (from PSV).
u/Dutch-Sculptor: You should when you want to I guess. But we do have something likable about us. Small club, nothing weird, always a full house and we play fun offensive minded football. And yes that last part does bite us in the ass sometimes but hey, that's life.


Pos. Played Win Draw Loss GF GA GD Points
3 25 14 8 3 50 35 15 50

Feyenoord’s season is a classic tale of two halves. The first one under Jaap Stam was, to put it mildly, pretty fucking terrible, with the team never looking all that convincing, bungling in midtable in the middle of the season. After an embarrassing 4-0 defeat to Ajax, Stam left the club and on came the manager who initially wasn’t wanted by fans: Dick Advocaat. While he wasn’t able to keep them in the Europa League, the little general helped Feyenoord go through a remarkable run, with Steven Berghuis arguably being the best player of the season. When the season was over, Feyenoord was only 6 points behind Ajax and AZ, which is a huge improvement when compared to where they were, and who knows where they would’ve ended had the season been finished.
u/M_SFG: I had high hopes with Stam. Young manager, used to be an excellent player, truly something different for our club. Big Yikes to how that turned out. With Dick at the wheel we managed to turn the ship around completely. As a fan watching the club and attending games became fun again. Playing EL upcoming season is a reward to this team and them sticking together despite the poor start last year.
At Dick Advocaat’s request, the main squad has so far been almost completely intact, with the only starting player that’s left being Karsdorp (who was loaned anyway). A lot will depend on it remaining that way, with clubs circling the likes of Marcos Senesi and Steven Berghuis, with Advocaat especially keen to keep the latter. Feyenoord wants to challenge for the title and the run of form they achieved under Advocaat suggests they are capable of that, but there’s some definite hurdles like the relatively thin squad compared to Ajax and PSV, as well as the fact they have far less money. Still, Kakkerlakken are notoriously hard to kill, and Feyenoord will definitely put up a fight in the title run.
u/M_SFG: My hope is a decent shot at the title. I highly doubt we'll be able to grab it, but one can dream. We were able to sign a number of players early on who are strengthening the competition within the squad and I'm excited that both Linssen and Diemers have been able to prove their worth during pre-season as that's a weight lifted already. My fear is our lack of strong center back-backups and that's going to be a real issue when we play national, European and Cup games.
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Bryan Linssen Permanent Vitesse Feyenoord Free
Joao Texeira Permanent Vitória Guimarães Feyenoord 1,500,000
Rick Karsdorp Permanent (Loan ended) Feyenoord AS Roma Free
Linssen - Jorgensen - Berghuis
Kokcu - Fer - Toornstra
Haps - Senesi - Botteghin - Geertruida
Robert Bozenik - Came at the start of the year to acclimate to the Eredivisie, but has shown a lot of potential in those few matches. Maybe not the most technically gifted player, but the Slovak striker can score goals quite easily.
Lutsharel Geertruida - Likely to be the main rightback with Karsdorp gone. More defensively minded than his predecessor, but physically very strong and another player to add in a long list of talented defenders who came from Feyenoord (De Vrij, Ake etc.)
Bryan Linssen - A player who’s played about every level of the Eredivisie has finally made it to the top. A very productive winger who will score at least ten goals for you. If he doesn’t get a case of ‘Kuipvrees’, he could be an incredible asset.
u/M_SFG: Kökcu. He was obviously mentioned last year as well and is rapidly developing under Advocaat. Marouan Azarkan is a bright prospect from our Academy, who may need to leave on loan to play at the right level upcoming season. With Karsdorp being gone, I expect the battle for RB to be won by Geertruida and I'm excited to see him develop. Potentially a crazy good player in the future but I'm hoping our defense doesn't get shot to hell with the amount of games we'll be playing.
u/M_SFG: Supporting Feyenoord isn't necessarily fun. And that's the point of it. We're not here to only support when we're doing well, because Feyenoord is and will always be up and down- that's life. We're here to support. Period. We're in Rotterdam, we're in the rest of the Netherlands, we're in Norway, France, England, Georgia- Feyenoord is everywhere where people work hard and play hard.


Pos. Played Win Draw Loss GF GA GD Points
16 26 6 8 12 29 52 -23 26

Fortuna Sittard went into their 2nd Eredivisie season with the youngest manager of the Eredivisie who had no professional playing career and with a hodgepodge of a squad, which would usually spell disaster but has turned out mostly alright. Its hard to say where things would’ve gone had the season continued forward since they ended at 16th, which under normal circumstances means the relegation play-offs. Still, Fortuna never felt in real danger and in that hodgepodge were some real gems like Amadou Ciss and Felix Passlack.
u/Strijdhagen: I believe we got saved by the (covid) bell, it was very very close to play-offs and I'm not sure if we would've made it if the lockdown didn't happen. The 18/19 went quite a bit smoother for us with better loanees then 19/20.
This Season
Manager Sjors Ultee has moved on to become technical director for Fortuna, with managing duties going to club icon Kevin Hofland, who some said was the one really in charge for two seasons already but didn’t have the proper paperwork yet. Once again Fortuna have lost most of their star players, with Mark Diemers and Amadou Ciss going to Feyenoord and Amiens respectively. Still, they’ve been very busy with the transfer market and no doubt a squad is ready to remain in the Eredivisie for a 3rd year in a row. More interesting is that owner Isitan Gun is courting Turkish media mogul Acun Ilıcalı to become a part of the club. In what capacity is unclear, but that’s potentially weird and exciting for Fortuna fans.
u/Strijdhagen: After a slightly disappointing season I'm getting excited for this one. Our first two seasons back in Eredivisie we managed to get by on talented loans. This summer we've only signed players on (long term) contracts so far, which is promising. It remains to be seen if this is enough quality to survive again, but if we do then we're hopefully be able to turn into a midtable club. I'm also excited about our owner and the direction he's taking the club. He had a very good interview with our supporters club a couple weeks ago and it shows that he knows what he's doing. It's incredible we made it to the Eredivisie in the first place, let alone to survive for two years. Bring it on!
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Mark Diemers Permanent Fortuna Sittard Feyenoord 1,200,000
Amadou Ciss Permanent Fortuna Sittard Amiens 1,500,000
Sebastian Polter Permanent Union Berlin Fortuna Sittard Free
Mats Seuntjes Permanent Gençlerbirliği Fortuna Sittard Free
Semedo - Seuntjes - Hansson
Tekie - Rienstra
Cox - Janssen - Ninaj - Rota
Emil Hansson - Was a gem of a player for RKC Waalwijk back in their promotion campaign. Will likely be the main replacement for Mark Diemers.
Sebastian Polter - A very good 2. Bundesliga striker unable to replicate his form in the Bundesliga should probably have a better time in the Eredivisie. If he gets the right service, Polter could be a great lightning rod for goals.
u/Strijdhagen: First one is Mats Seuntjens. This might be funny to some of the other teams but we would've never be able to sign a player like him, even two years ago. It remains to be seen if he can reach his AZ quality. Also Sebastian Polter. A proper proven striker, something we missed last year!
We probably field some of your country's "lost" talents as we don't have that many Dutch players. Also, the host of the Turkish "Survivor" show is buying a stake in the club, he gave our Instagram a shoutout and have increases our followers with 80k to 100K. Come to Fortuna!


Pos. Played Win Draw Loss GF GA GD Points
9 26 10 5 11 27 26 1 35

It was the start of a new era for Groningen behind the scenes, with long standing directors moving in for new blood. Groningen didn’t enjoy the best of starts, but crawled their way back up to a comfortable midtable position at around the time the season was declared null and void. Unfortunately, Groningen had been bleeding supporters with attendance rate again going down. This has led to Groningen being one of the first clubs to let staff go cause of the crisis caused by COVID-19.
u/lumphie: Last season was not very special. Doan left us late in the transfer period, which meant that we didn't get a proper replacement. To add salt to the wounds, he didn't even play that much for PSV. It was surprising to see how fast Buijs created a solid defense, but unfortunately, he wasn't able to make his team create goals. As a result, matches were often boring. In the end, we were playing pretty good and climbing some spots, so we could've been higher up without COVID-19. Zeefuik will be the player to look back to. Working hard in defense and attack.
You’re probably all interested in Groningen for one reason, and it's of course an incredibly exciting one: Arjen Robben has returned! After a year of retirement, he has decided to help his boyhood club out through a tough time. That’s obviously incredibly exciting, and there’s few doubt that a 36 year old Robben can still cut inside like the best of them, as well as be a great mentor to some of Groningen’s exciting youth players. Of course, Robben can’t cover all of Groningen’s cracks, and there’s still issues like a relatively thin squad lacking goalscorers, but it's going to be very interesting how Robben can elevate them.
u/lumphie: The upcoming season is going to be exciting. It seems like we will have a solid defense again (it's not as good as last season yet, but it will probably improve. Dammers and Dankerlui look like solid replacements for te Wierik and Zeefuik. But with the hope for a great defense also comes the fear of a poor attack again. Although talents are slowly breaking through and are old enough to actually play for the main squad, I see little improvements in the chance creation and the goal scoring. A good striker who can not only finish chances but also create them is desperately needed. Luckily we now have Robben who will certainly score some goals and give some assists.
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Arjen Robben Permanent Retirement FC Groningen Free
Jørgen Strand Larsen Permanent Sarpsborg 08 FF FC Groningen 1,000,000
Deyovaisio Zeefuik Permanent FC Groningen Hertha BSC 4,000,000
Mike te Wierik Permanent FC Groningen Derby County Free
Robben - Strand Larsen
Suslov - Van Kaam - Matusiwa - Lundqvist
Van Hintum - Itakura - Dammers - Dankerlui
Players to Watch
Arjen Robben - Doesn’t need much of an introduction, does he? There are few doubts that Robben is still capable of playing at the Eredivisie level even after a year out of the game. Main question is how much he helps improve the team.
Roland Postema - Talented striker and an FM favorite, Postema is at time of writing the sole striker available so there’s a lot of pressure on the 18 year old.
Daniel van Kaam - Worked his way into the starting XI near the end of last season. Youthful midfielder who will likely form a controlling duo with Azor Matusiwa.
u/lumphie: Daniël van Kaam: In the youth teams, he used to play as a winger, but Buijs formed him into an attacking focused defensive midfielder (or a defensive focused attacking midfielder ;-)). This new position suits him very well. Contender for the player of the season of FC Groningen and might make the step to either the Dutch top 4 or a good foreign club after this season.
u/lumphie: FC Groningen has one of the best youth academies of the Netherlands outside of the top 4 Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord and AZ (who have more money to spend on their youth academy, and the status to attract some pretty good youth players). If you don't get frustrated by fluctuating results from youthful teams then you should definitely start following / supporting FC Groningen.
This season specifically, we have Robben. He's old, he's not gonna play all matches and especially not all minutes, but he still has that special something. Above all, he still enjoys the game like no-ones does. After every run he makes you see a big smile on his face. If you want to see one (or maybe even two?) last season of an old hero, who loves his sport and his club too much. Follow FC Groningen.


Pos. Played Win Draw Loss GF GA GD Points
10 26 8 9 9 41 41 0 33

Heerenveen had a season of two halves. The first half, things were looking quite well: with transfers including the likes of Chidera Ejuke, Joey Veerman and the loan of Sven Botman all slotting in quite well. Heerenveen went undefeated for seven games in a row. But once that streak ended, it ended hard, getting only three points in eight matches. Winning at home proved especially difficult, with them only winning three games in the Abe Lenstra Stadium. Not the kind of numbers you want to see from a midtable team.
u/Schned6: Last season went about as expected. Midtable finish with some mild highs and lows. Some players emerged that we weren’t expecting and some flopped a little bit but no different than from what most clubs experience on a yearly basis. I think almost all fans were comfortable if not happy with the way things went. Many games were quite entertaining.
SC Heerenveen celebrates its 100th anniversary this season, but there hasn’t been much cause for celebration yet. Heerenveen’s pre-season has had some pretty shambolic results and shown that the squad they have right now is less thin and more emaciated. Luckily, Chidera Ejuke has gone to CSKA Moscow for more than 12 million, and that money is currently being spent to give the squad more meat on the bone. The starting XI of the Frisians should still be enough for a midtable spot, but injuries could prove potentially devastating.
u/Schned6: Definitely fears, sadly. We don't have many professional defenders on our roster and have had some poor showings all around in the preseason. The club just sold star attacker Chidera Ejuke to CSKA for a pretty hefty fee as well (but that has been reinvested back into the squad a little bit and should be a little more in the near future). And to cap it all off captain and starting midfielder Hicham Faik was also sold.
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Chidera Ejuke Permanent SC Heerenveen CSKA Moscow 12,000,000
Sven Botman Permanent (Loan expired) SC Heerenveen Ajax/Lille Free
Hicham Faik Permanent SC Heerenveen Al-Faisaly 700,000
Henk Veerman Permanent FC St. Pauli SC Heerenveen 2,000,000
Batista Meier - H. Veerman - Van Bergen
J. Veerman - Kongolo - Dewaele
Woudenberg - Bochniewicz - Dresevic - Floranus
Joey Veerman - Surprisingly extended his contract despite interest from Feyenoord and Club Brugge. One of the more creative midfielders of the Eredivisie who’s chance creation will be essential for his name compatriot Henk to score goals.
Arjen van der Heide - With Ejuke’s out, his left wing spot is now open for the youth player, considered to be one of Heerenveen’s bigger talents.
u/Schned6: The obvious player to watch for us is Joey Veerman. He is a balanced, if not a little bit attacking-minded midfielder that is very complete and has some big moments in him. U21 Dutch international and could garner some genuine interest from bigger teams in and out of the Eredivisie if he continues with good form.
I also believe that Rodney Kongolo is going to be one that our season could hinge on. He hasn’t necessarily been a “flop” for us up to this point but it’s certainly time for him to step up... it’s been a long time coming now for many fans. Other players you may recognize would be Dresevic (Kosovo international), Mulder (formerly of Swansea), Dewaele (on loan from Anderlecht), and van Bergen (Netherlands u21).
u/Schned6: If you want to support a club with genuine potential that have their backs to the wall right now that’d be us. We have some really talented yet raw young players and basically no defense... meaning you are probably in for some exciting and high scoring matches if you tune in. Also we have nice looking kits if you ask me.


Pos. Played Win Draw Loss GF GA GD Points
8 26 10 6 10 40 34 6 36

Heracles have the kind of boring stability that many clubs under them dream of. The Heraclieden main weapon this time was Belgian/Nigerian striker Cyriel Dessers, who ended up tied for the top scorers title with Steven Berghuis. Not bad for a player who was used as a bargaining chip by FC Utrecht. Other highlights included Mauro Junior, who found the form that made him such an exciting prospect at PSV. Pandemic or no pandemic, Heracles was always going to end up back in midtable.
u/spitshine-my-nutsack: Decent finish, 8th place finished in the table. We performed well and had some great upsets.
Cyriel Dessers has now gone to his favorite club KRC Genk and despite former Heracles manager Peter Bosz’s insistence, it doesn’t seem likely that Kai Havertz is his replacement. While Heracles has lost a bunch of quality players, there’s very little doubt they won’t do what they always do: be really annoying to play against because of their artificial turf and end up fighting for one of the Europa League play-off spots.
u/spitshine-my-nutsack: Feeling hopeful, we lose our top player almost every season. We’re a high scoring team and often our striker is top 3 in goals in the eredivisie (this time joint 1st place) and we just lost Cyriel Dessers. Hopefully we’re able to recoup and have a decent finish.
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Cyriel Dessers Permanent Heracles Almelo RC Genk 4,000,000
Mauro Junior Permanent (Loan expired) Heracles Almelo PSV Free
Sinan Bakis Permanent Admira Wicker Al-Faisaly 700,000
Burgzorg - Bakis - Van der Water
Kiomourtzoglou - Bijleveld - Vloet
Hardeveld - Knoester - Propper - Breukers
Sinan Bakis - Heracles has a proven track record as a place to develop as a striker (Bas Dost, Wout Weghorst, etc.) and Bakis will hopefully continue the long line of success stories.
Mats Knoester - After leaving Feyenoord in not the best of circumstances, Knoester has really come to his own as a key player in Heracles's defence, and will look to continue his development with another season.
u/spitshine-my-nutsack: I guess Hungarian striker Szöke after losing Dessers to see if he can replace him as high scoring striker
u/spitshine-my-nutsack: We're a high scoring small club capable of huge upsets. That's always fun.
Ok. That about does it for Part 1 of the Eredivisie preview. In the next one, we'll look into the German led reboots at PSV and Vitesse, the ambition of FC Utrecht, and whether FC Twente can survive with an whole squad of loan players. That part shall be uploaded right before the start of the Eredivisie season. So see you then.
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I am 27 years old and make a joint equivalent salary of $139,000, live in Arlington, VA and work as a Finance Officer

As standard – apologies for the length! I’ve found it quite a cathartic experience, and I seem to have managed to merge elements of the reddit, US and UK R29 templates so please feel free to skip over any boring sections!
I’m British, working for a British Company in the US on a three-year posting (one year in). My salary is actually £33,000 but due to the increased cost of living here, I get an additional £10,000 allowance for living costs, and my rent/utilities are paid directly by my company. This puts my equivalent salary at $93,000.
I’m aware this is an incredibly fortunate position to be in, especially with COVID, however when I return to the UK, I will be paid my UK salary only, so this is a short-term benefit.
The company can split my pay between my UK and US accounts, and currently 95%ish of it is going to my UK account. This % split was only set up after lockdown as we are currently spending much less on travel/socialising here so are taking the opportunity to focus on building our UK savings. My husband, J, was fortunate enough to get local employment when he arrived in country. He earns an additional $46,000 net which we live on.
For ease/consistency, I have converted all costs at 1.3 as this is roughly the average conversion since I’ve lived here – I will write UK next to any cost/savings that are based in the UK.
Section One: Assets and Debt
J and I (now) combine all our finances, so except for my pension pot, and a small F* Off Fund (FoF - we have one each), everything else is split 50/50. This will likely change when we go back to the UK as we’ll have better access to our own bank accounts.
My personal Net Worth is $72,400
Retirement Balance
UK $104,000
I’ve contributed to work pension schemes since I started working full time age 18. This has been set at around 5% since I joined my current employer 7 years ago, and they contribute around 27%. I’m actually guaranteed £4,000 per year once I retire for as long as I live so have multiplied this by 20 on the assumption the retirement age actually stays at 68 and I make it to my late 80’s. This amount will increase over the years with inflation and as I contribute further to it. I can choose to retire earlier, plus take up to a 25% tax free lump sum on retirement, but that will affect the annual pay-out amount.
UK $52,000 equity, $157,300 left on the mortgage
J and I bought ($197,600) with just over a 10% ($20,000) deposit 3 years ago aged 24 and contributed half each. I managed to save this as I was living at home until we bought, and J got a help to buy loan through his previous workplace. He’s since cleared this.
Savings account balance
$29,700 made up of:
US $6,700 for fun money here (currently planned for another car – we’ll sell our existing one)
UK $6,500 in premium bonds as my FoF, $13,800 in our joint savings account to upsize when we get back to the UK, $2,600 in one of my side saving accounts as a potential future maternity pot. This is joint but kept in a separate account from the house savings.
Around $22,000 of this has been saved since the beginning of lockdown
Checking account balance
US $120 (+ $1,190 in checking, -$1,070 on AMEX). All our savings accounts are easy access, so we try to keep the balance as low as possible and tend to spend the full amount each month. [We end the week with this back up to $1,559]
UK $660
Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it)
0 – we use our AMEX for our everyday spending, so I’ve included it in our checking account as we usually pay it off each week and use it in place of our checking account. J had CC/loan debt in the UK from the house deposit and wedding which he cleared down before we moved out here.
Student loan debt (for what degree)
0 - neither of us went to University
Anything else that's applicable to you
We paid outright for a second-hand car that is worth around $6,000
Section Two: Income & Further Background
Income Progression:
I started at my current company 7 years ago working as a personal assistant and started on $24,000. I stayed in this role for 2.5 years before promoting into a finance role and onto $31,000. After a year I was temporarily promoted (with pay rise) within my team to a higher finance role and after a further 6 months was permanently promoted into the role and onto $35,750. There’s usually an annual pay rise of around 2%, which I’ve received between each promotion, but as this last promotion pay rise wasn’t as high as usual, my last few annual pay rises have been higher to bring me to my now salary of $43,290. I’ve spent the last three years at the same level, but have changed teams to gain more experience which will be needed for the next promotion which I’ll hopefully be able to get when I return to the UK – this will take me over the $50,000 mark.
Main Job Monthly Take Home:
UK – I get paid once a month, receiving $3,783 after tax, national insurance and pension contributions. This also includes the extra living allowance. $3,510 is paid into my UK account, $273 is paid into the US
US – J gets paid fortnightly, and earns a net salary of $3,546 per month (assuming 2 pay periods per month)
Any Other Monthly Income Here
UK - We receive around $598 per month from tenants in our house in the UK. The letting agents take all management and admin fees directly from the rent before we get paid. This amount can be less if any work needs doing on the property, but again the letting agent will pay directly and just transfer us a reduced amount. We also have to pay tax on any rent received and still need to pay last year’s bill, but we haven’t calculated it yet.
Was there an expectation for you to attend higher education? Did you participate in any form of higher education? If yes, how did you pay for it?:
Not from family. My parents don’t have degrees, and whilst they supported my siblings going, it was our own personal choice. If we didn’t go, we were expected to work full time.
My school did expect me to go. I was in the last school year before UK University tuition went up, so the only advise they could give was to go now as you won’t be able to afford it in the future. I had a place to study events management but turned it down a week before the deadline. Bar sometimes feeling like I missed out on the University life experience (aka. freshers week), I have zero regrets not going.
Growing up, what kind of conversations did you have about money? Did your parent/guardian(s) educate you about finances?
My siblings and I were always encouraged to save including contributing to pensions when we started working, and prioritise this and bills over spending our money, but conversations didn’t go much further than that.
What was your first job and why did you get it?:
Weekly paper round from age 12 to 16 which gave me $10 a week to pay for my phone credit and to build savings. I started working part-time in a supermarket from age 16 earning around $250 a month, but this was mainly spent shopping and in the pub!
Did you worry about money growing up?:
No – my parents operated on a “what we do for one, we do for all”, so with a house of five kids, we certainly weren’t living the life of luxury, but we never went without, and it encouraged me to earn some of my own money from an early age.
Do you worry about money now?:
No, J and I are in a really good position and try to make sensible decisions so that we can still cope if our circumstances change.
At what age did you become financially responsible for yourself and do you have a financial safety net?:
Fully when I bought the house and moved out age 24, although I obviously gained the support from J. I’ve always had to use my own money for wants and non-essentials (phone bill, own laptop, “fun” clothes). I was given a few years grace on rent as my parents helped my siblings at Uni, but this stopped when I turned 21. I’ve always bought my own cars/insurance and would contribute to the household, including buying some food and replacing furniture in my room.
Our parents continue to support us anyway they can, which included letting J and I move back in rent free last year whilst we were replacing our kitchen.
Do you or have you ever received passive or inherited income?:
My dad saved around $1,200 from when I was a child which I received aged 18 – this went into savings and then towards my first car and laser eye surgery.
My brothers and I also received $1,950 each from a great aunt when she died, which was a complete surprise (the will was contested so this was several years later). Our much younger half-brother didn’t receive anything, so we split this equally with him. The money left went towards mine and J’s wedding and we also received around $5000 additional from various family members towards our wedding and honeymoon. This was also not expected, and we budgeted not to receive anything, but this was a bonus and it relieved some of the pressure on us to save.
Section Three: Expenses
UK – I auto-transfer $1,170 across various accounts to pay for our UK bills. J & I both kept some bills in our own names to try to maintain our individual UK credit scores as well as our joint one. J’s parents are also looking after our two cats whilst we’re in the US, so we transfer them some money. We’ve discovered our UK entertainment subscriptions work over here so we haven’t cancelled them and pay them from the UK accounts, which is a benefit as they’re usually cheaper.
$910 to our joint account to cover – Mortgage ($986 – includes $130 monthly overpayment), Landlord Insurance ($32), Pet Insurance ($45), our life insurance ($22 – it pains me that the cats cost twice as much as we do. Obviously, they don’t have the NHS covering their medical costs, but they also don’t have a mortgage to pay off….), J’s UK phone bill ($35) – he’s still tied into his contract. The rent income comes into this account so that covers any delta and builds a pot to pay the tax bill. It works out at around $388 per month saved for this. We also pay around ($150) annually to cover IT costs including Microsoft office, McAfee Security and Dropbox storage.
$143 to my bills account to cover – my UK phone bill ($23), a second UK phone bill that I need to cancel as they wouldn’t transfer my existing number to them ($6), Trade Union membership ($19), Netflix ($12), Annual magazine subscription ($19). Any money left over for is for UK online orders and so we have money available when we visit home.
$65 to J’s account to cover – Amazon Prime ($10), Spotify ($20), Audible ($15) and annual Xbox Live ($50)
$52 to J’s parents for the cats.
UK Savings – we have $2,340 to split across the savings. The split varies each month, but as I’ve hit my FoF goal the focus will be on getting J’s to the goal amount and then joint savings.
US – TV, WiFi and Hulu ($131), Phone Bills ($167), Car Insurance ($110), Naked Wines ($40), HelloFresh ($523), Annual Renters Insurance ($152). We currently get Disney+ free with our phones, but this will end soon, and I expect we’ll start paying for it as well.
US Savings – I usually transfer between $500-$1,000 into savings when J gets paid but will vary this based on how much we have left in the checking account from his last pay and what bills are due. We’ll also raid this as needed for big purchases or if we’re running low in on cash in the checking account.

Day 1 – Saturday
0900 – I’ve been waking up on and off for a few hours, but the alarm has gone off, so I drag myself out of bed. J and I are booked into a second-hand book sale from between 11 and 12 so we need to actually get out of the house this morning. I tidy up a bit, have a shower and miss a call from my mum whilst I’m in there. I check J is up before calling her back and have a good catch up with her and my Nan.
1115 – We’re a little later than planned, but we make it to the sale. I picked the second slot so that there would still be a good selection of books available and am pleasantly surprised by the amount and overall COVID set up. We spend almost an hour browsing and come away with 15 books between us. $60.01
1210 – We left the apartment without eating breakfast, but there’s a restaurant open next to the sale that we haven’t tried before so we pop in and have a burger each. Discover there’s a cocktail bar underneath and make note to head back and try that soon. $41.92
1600 – J has spent the afternoon building Ikea furniture we bought last week and hiding in the bedroom watching YouTube videos whilst I clean, watch The Haunting of Hill House and drink copious amounts of tea. We bought our car in a bit of a rush when we arrived and to replace his Rightmove house obsession, J spends a lot of his time looking at cars available here. Last week he found an American muscle car that looks in good shape and isn’t extortionate, so in his argument to “buy American, eat American, drive American” whilst we’re here, he’s arranged a visit check it out and test drive it. We’re meant to be there at half past, but we had the wrong address and there’s been an accident so it’s actually an hour’s drive, and we don’t get there until 1715 - Oops. I do not want to like the car, but I’m honestly sold – I knew our current car wasn’t the best, and planned to cope with it for the three years, but this is such an improvement and feels like a fun car to drive on road trips. We arrange to come back next week to buy the car and head back home. Thankfully, the traffic has cleared so it only takes 40mins. We while away the journey by listening to an episode of My Dad Wrote a Porno.
1830 – We stop by Giant to pick up some essentials (loo roll, seltzer, beer, milk) and food for the rest of the weekend. $103.25. I cook pork chops, roast potatoes, asparagus and gravy for dinner, and we spend the evening chilling in front of Netflix with wine before heading to bed at midnight.
Daily total: $205.18
Day 2 – Sunday
0830 – I wake up and sneak out of bed without disturbing J, make myself a cup of tea and settle down to finish off The Haunting of Hill House. J hates scary shows/films, so I try to watch things before he’s up, but he still needs to be in the house otherwise my imagination will go wild. The show finishes and I hear no sign of movement, so I make another cup of tea and discover The Princess Diaries 2 is on freeform so obviously I watch this.
1100 – J gets up and makes us scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for brunch. There was meant to be a bread roll with this, but according to J it had gone off. Silently complain that I didn’t pick up some bagels whilst we were shopping last night. We stick The Office on in the background and binge far too much of it whilst I multitask and convert our savings/bills spreadsheet into $ for the intro to this.
1630 – I had grand plans to spend the day cleaning and assumed J’s mum would do her weekly skype call with us at 3, neither of which has happened, and I only realise this now. I suggest we message some friends to see if they fancy an afternoon pick-me-up, but they are hanging from last night, and I remember I’m doing interviews in the morning so probably not the smartest move. I have a shower, wash and sort my hair out to save time in the morning.
1800 – I get an email reminding me that I have items in my basket on an online order and that they’ve given me 15% off. Seems rude not complete it – J has a quick browse to see if there’s anything he likes but nothing takes his fancy. So it’s just non-wired bras for me and a very cute bee print quilt set. It’s a UK based store so I pay using my UK bank account. $123
1900 – J cooks dinner tonight, a HelloFresh recipe for firecracker meatballs with rice. We stick The Office on in the background, finish the rest of last nights wine and the entire series, getting to bed at half 11.
Daily total: $123
Day 3 – Monday
0630 – Alarm goes off. Ugh. It disturbs J, so I apologise for waking him, hit snooze and repeat 5 minutes later. Rather than getting straight up, I waste half an hour browsing Facebook before washing and getting ready. As an attempt to look semi presentable, I put actual work clothes on, straighten my hair and put on some mascara and powder.
0755 – I make it onto the laptop and do some prep before the interviews. Checking my emails, I spot that I’ve been paid my US pay today. The annual pay rise has come through and there’s a small backdate from last months pay, so I have an additional $127 this month. I clear a few more emails and make a cup of tea before starting the interviews.
1215 – Interviews are done, and as a panel we have discussed and come to a decision. We all need to type up our outcomes for HR, but I take a lunch break before my brain melts. J heats up leftover meatballs and rice from last night and we watch an episode of The Good Place whilst we eat. J’s heading into the office this afternoon so I tidy up, stick the dishwasher on and faff about on reddit before getting back to work at 1. Go straight back into a call with my Line Manager to touch base before he goes on leave – he lets me know he put me forward (and I have been approved) for a bonus for my efforts since joining last year, and the added COVID response. I’m touched and proceed to spend a while mentally spending it. I’m debating between a pair of Louboutin’s and a spin bike…. Slightly different ends of the spectrum I know. Keen to hear any inspiration! It should be around $1000 after tax so reasonably substantial.
1630 – J comes home and attempts to get in, but I appear to have locked him out. I get up, open the door and see that he comes baring this week’s HelloFresh box, which is a relief as I hadn’t seen any delivery emails (we had a few go missing in our apartment block when we started). I have a small break to see how his afternoon has been and reply to some messages with friends about possible Halloween costumes for a small gathering we’re going to. We jokingly consider a group The Office effort, which results in numerous gifs being shared. In a moment of inspiration, J passes me his shirt, tie and blazer to put on… turns out I’m a pretty convincing Sexy Toby. I get changed back into my own clothes and head back to work for a bit.
1930 – J finished work earlier so cooked again. Tonight’s is a HF spicy shrimp pasta. It’s a bit disappointing even with him adding extras from the cupboard. We eat and watch the Umbrella Academy before heading to bed at 11.
Daily total: $0
Day 4 – Tuesday
0730 – alarm goes off, get up, washed, dressed. No interviews today so back to COVID home working uniform of no make-up and trackies. Make a cup of tea and am at my desk for 0830 – in and out of meetings until 10 and spend the rest of the morning trying to catch up on my inbox. J’s headed into the office, so I take the opportunity to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack as I work. Get through the first track before admitting defeat that despite my amazing multitasking skills, I can’t actually sing along and type coherent emails. Settle for the LOTR soundtrack instead.
1215 – make it to lunch and reheat last night’s leftovers (we order HelloFresh for four people for the leftovers, as before we were just ordering in lunch every day). Realise I haven’t physically left the flat for longer than I care to admit, so take my lunch onto the balcony and eat it whilst reading through a money diary on reddit. Remember I have a meeting at 1, so sign back in ten mins before and read through the emails in a vague attempt to sound prepared.
J buys himself and his boss lunch in the office, but his boss will pay him back so $12.17
1900 – long afternoon, managed to start nothing on my actual to-do-list, so feel like I haven’t achieved anything. Yay. J got home half an hour ago (I didn’t lock him out today!) and switched the oven on as he walked past, so I take the opportunity to get up and cook once it’s done preheating. Pork tenderloin with coleslaw and mash tonight. It comes with a cherry jam sauce which I’m not the biggest fan of, so I make it into a fruity gravy. It takes longer to cook than I planned, and I can feel myself getting more and more annoyed with everything from a general mix of feeling stressed and hangry. J sticks toy story 4 on as we eat which doesn’t help my mood (as let’s face it, it’s the worst one). Our friends message asking if we’re watching the debates – J had planned to but had forgotten so quickly changes over to watch it. I have no words.
We make plans to watch the next debate in a group with alcohol, debate bingo and the next day booked off work to recover.
Head to bed at 1120 – still waste time on Facebook despite being shattered.
Daily total: $12.17
Day 5 – Wednesday
0830 – Alarm goes off. I didn’t get to sleep up until 12.30 and J disturbed me at 1.30 when he came to bed so extra sleep was needed. I check my phone, message my stepsister a happy birthday and stick on my dressing gown to make sure I’m online for my 9am meeting. Thankfully, no one has an update, so the meeting is cancelled, and I have time to shower and put clothes on before I properly start work.
1230 – Lunchtime. I have the remaining shrimp pasta and J makes a BBQ chicken sandwich with other leftovers in the fridge and we stick on another episode of The Good Place whilst we eat. We finish up, work for an hour and then drive into the office. J needs to stay in for a while, but I’m only in to sign a cheque so I take the opportunity to walk back home. It’s a glorious sunny day, but with a nice breeze so it’s an enjoyable walk until I’m almost back at the flat and have to walk up a hill and then 5 flights of stairs. It’s a fast reminder of just how unfit I am, and I have to have a quick lie down to recovecool down before getting back to work.
1730 – J and I have plans to meet up with our friends K and J(.2) tonight. In an act of attempting to keep some form of sanity, J and J.2 are heading out to a bar for a “Gentleman’s Club” and I’m heading round to K & J.2’s flat for wine and chick flicks. J gets home from work, kisses me hi and bye and heads straight back out. K’s getting her hair cut, so I continue working until half 6 before walking up to her apartment. I make a pit stop on route to pick up a bottle of white wine as she’s running low. The card machines are down so it’s cash only – I have a mild panic, but thankfully I find some notes in my purse - although I’m pretty sure I withdrew them pre-lockdown! $17
0200 – After a night of homemade mac’n’cheese, wine, films and putting the world to rights, I get ready to head home just as J.2 stumbles back into the flat. It’s lovely to see him, but the state he’s in makes me a bit concerned about what J is going to be like when I get home. Thankfully, when I make it back and he’s already curled up on his own side of the bed, passed out and lightly snoring away. I take off my makeup, do my teeth, get into bed and fall straight asleep.
*I’ve checked the banking app and J spent $50.50 on food and drink. The “club” made their way to our apartment around 9pm and worked their way through our booze which explains the low spend but high drunkenness.
Daily total: $67.50
Day 6 – Thursday
0700 – J’s alarm goes off. He rarely sets alarms and has an amazing ability to sleep though them, so I kick him awake to switch it off. He hits snooze rather than switching it off, so I wake up again 5mins later. Ugh. He actually manages to switch it off the second time.
0830 – My alarm goes off. I’m tired and thirsty, but other than that feeling pretty ok. J is not and I leave him snoozing in bed as I start work. It’s a slow morning (thankfully) and I periodically check on J to see if he’s feeling any better. General consensus is no. The leftovers in the house are not hangover friendly so we put in an order with Panera Bread. $32.25. J has a choose two, but I brought home some mac’n’cheese from last night so just order some crisps and a smoothie to go with it. It takes longer than expected to arrive, but it means a 1230 lunch in front of The Good Place. We finish and go back to work, J heads into the office again.
1400 – I’ve struggled to get back into the swing of things, and as there haven’t been too many emails coming in I take the opportunity to have a break and lie down on the bed (I work flexi hours and have a very high balance so this is done guilt-free). This lie down turns into an hour-long nap and I wake up feeling better, but still while away some time on reddit before deciding to make it back to work at 4.
1920 – J messaged to say he’s on his way back and I’ve already heated the oven, so I finish for the night and start making dinner. Tonight’s HF menu is a creamy lemon butter chicken with courgette and giant couscous. It’s reasonably simple to make, but one of our favourites. I multitask and clean down the kitchen as I go.
2000 – Dinner is eaten, J has made us a cup of tea and we’re settled back into The Good Place. Yesterday was payday into my UK account so I log into the internet banking and transfer to the savings accounts (the bill transfers are set up to auto-transfer on the 1st). $1,170 to J’s savings so he’s now at his FoF goal, $650 to the maternity pot, and $780 to the joint savings. The annual renter’s insurance has also come out of our US checking account today, but that’s counted in the expenses. We both head to bed at 11.
Daily total: $32.25
Day 7 – Friday
0730 – J’s alarm goes off, he’s heading back into the office this morning so it’s valid today and we both actually wake up for it. We both chill on our phones until my alarm goes off at 0830. Up, washed, dressed and on the laptop in time for my 9am meeting. I’m closing off last months accounts and updating forecasts so get stuck into multiple spreadsheets.
1440 – I’d gotten into a good rhythm with the updates, and without J here, I hadn’t realised the time, so I only stop now for lunch. It’s last nights leftovers so couscous and chicken, plus an apple left over from J’s Panera order yesterday. J didn’t take anything in so has stopped by Safeway $14.13 and the work café $9.48. I get the figures from the banking app and realise J has been paid – win. I have an hour break and head back online.
2020 – I’ve been in the swing of things today. It’s a long winded, but simple task so I’ve had Greys Anatomy on in the background as I work. I’d normally have left some of it until Monday, but I have a few urgent requests in today that need the updated figures so it made sense to get it all cleared – it’s also quite therapeutic so feels like a nice way to end the week . J and I have plans to see friends tomorrow, so I don’t feel too bad about not having plans for a Friday night and working for most of it instead. Still, we make the most of it being payday and order in some Steak Frites for dinner and I treat myself to a chocolate cake slice as well. $80.25. We spend the rest of the evening relaxing, finish watching The Good Place (a very emotional finale) and make it into bed for half 11.
Daily total: $103.86

Total Expenditure: $543.96
Food & Drink: $257.70
Groceries: $103.25
Clothes/Home: $123.00
Other: $60.01

Lastly, reflect on your diary!
This is a pretty average week for us during COVID. We usually go out drinking over every other weekend, but that extra spending would balance out with the home/other expenditure as I try to make sure we spread our spending out. The AMEX balance is a bit higher than the usual weekly amount as J and I both ordered a trunk club a few weeks and kept a few of the clothes but the system errored which delayed us processing our returns (and them billing us). As we’ll looking to buy the car soon, it also feels like a better decision to leave the balance on the card and keep more cash available – I’m not concerned as we’re only just into the new credit statement period and J’s will get an extra pay period this month which will clear it.
Pre-COVID, this is actually lower than our weekly spend, as we also had most of my salary coming into the US account as well and were spending most of it socialising, travelling and just enjoying living in a city. If we had to, we could cut our costs and save a lot more, but we’re here to enjoy ourselves and so long as we can eat and pay the mortgage, we’re happy. We’ve also already reached our total savings goal for our time out here, so anything extra is a bonus.
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[PPP: Positivity Perspective Post] I know we have the Titans coming up and just played the Raiders who violated protocol, but the covid reality for us and the NFL isn't that bad relatively

The only team sports I follow are NFL and a bit of rugby union here and there.
Here in the UK, our top domestic rugby union league has 12 teams compared to the NFL's 32.
Each club has 15 starters and 23 players fielded per game, much less than the NFL. (I am unsure on the full roster but I would guess around 30, which isn't even enough the field starters on all phases for the NFL)
A smaller coaching and managerial staff as well on top of that.
ONE TEAM, the Sale Sharks, now has TWENTY SEVEN (27) POSITIVE TESTS.
The NFL is looking much better in comparison with a much more challenging task to manage.
Hopefully the league and the respective teams can manage to find the best solution for us vs the Titans and the season can be mostly salvaged.
Edit: I would have posted this in nfl too but my posts now require auto mod approval
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Megathread: Joe Biden wins MS, MO, MI, ID Democratic Presidential Primaries - Part II

Joe Biden has won Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho, and Missouri, per AP. Ballots are still being counted in Washington.
Democratic voters in six states are choosing between Bernie Sanders’ revolution or Joe Biden’s so-called Return to Normal campaign, as the candidates compete for the party's presidential nomination and the chance to take on President Trump.
Update: North Dakota has been called for Bernie Sanders, per AP.
A link to part one can be found here

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Primary wins give Joe Biden commanding edge in US Democratic race Voters said among their main motivations was finding a candidate to defeat US President Trump in the general election.
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2020 primary takeaways: Joe Biden’s nomination to lose
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Super Tuesday 2: Biden turned out working-class white voters in Michigan and other states. In other words, Trump is completely screwed this November.
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‘Let’s shut this puppy down’: James Carville says it’s time to end Democratic primary after Biden’s big night
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Clyburn Calls to Cancel Debates After Biden Victories: ‘Shut This Primary Down’
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In Michigan, Biden swept counties that voted for Sanders and then for Trump in 2016
Clyburn Calls to Cancel Debates After Biden Victories: ‘Shut This Primary Down’
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The Race Is Down to ‘Two Old White Men.’ Women's Groups Can Still Weigh In- The primary is between Biden and Sanders, but that doesn't mean women's groups should sit this one out.
The flight of the opportunistic Republicans has begun. Repub mayor back Biden, criticizes Trump. A true change of heart or reacting to the political winds of change? How many more Repubs in office decide it's politically advantageous to go against Trump for a boost the next time they run.
Warren expected to refrain from endorsing Biden, Sanders during primary: report
New vote tallies put Joe Biden ahead of Bernie Sanders in Washington presidential primary
There is absolutely no way that Joe Biden won every county in Michigan legitimately. Especially after the fiasco with the auto worker's union. Something's up here, folks.
Sanders Offers Biden A Path To Win Over His Movement
Biden Continues to Win Even Though Voters Support Bernie's Ideas
James Biden’s health care ventures face a growing legal morass
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[Diplomacy] London to Brussels: European Union - United Kingdom Comprehensive Economic, Trade and Exceptional Relationship Agreement

Following the approval of the final extension to the UK leaving the EU’s mechanisms in the transition period, to 31st December 2021, the United Kingdom has returned to Brussels with a fresh-faced negotiating team, headed by Philip Hammond, who reluctantly returned to serve the FCDO following a personal letter from Johnson, and a call from Ken Clarke and Dominic Grieve urging him to take the offer. Determined to secure a wide-ranging trade agreement with the EU, a small U-turn has occurred with Johnson’s policy, as he seeks to double down on subtly drawing closer to the EU economically than his previous rhetoric suggested - spurred by his belief in lessening the economic shock, and enabling him to label Brexit a ‘success’. The UK enters these negotiations with the following objectives:
  • To secure a Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the European Union, with all tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade dropped, and coming to a satisfactory compromise on regulation to enable a ‘level playing field’ to be created.
  • For a satisfactory deal to be made regarding Fishing, with the UK delegation believing the principle of compromise being at the heart of resolving this issue.
  • For the Good Friday Agreement to be respected and the arrangement regarding Northern Ireland in the Withdrawal Agreement, specifically concerning its departure from the EU customs union but continued adherence to some single market principles, to be abided by and carried out.
  • Ensure UK commitments to several European organisations remain strong, to foster a closer bond with the EU in a post-brexit world.
  • Negotiate on several miscellaneous matters, such as Financial Services passporting.
To the European Commission, European Council and EU27
Pandemics, Domestic Chaos, and U-turns; all have plagued Brexit negotiations, particularly concerning an FTA. It is time that, once and for all, the United Kingdom and European Union settle this, and reach a comprehensive agreement on free trade, a deep economic partnership, and an “exceptional relationship”. The United Kingdom firmly believes that in a post-brexit world, it must preserve close economic, diplomatic and military links with the European Union, for both economic, national security and geopolitical purposes. It is for this reason that we, from the outset of negotiations, wish to establish that this deal be called the “European Union - United Kingdom Comprehensive Economic, Trade and Exceptional Relationship Agreement”, or CETERA, to reflect the core aims of the United Kingdom. The British delegation proposes the following points of negotiation, built on compromised previous positions from the UK and EU. We hope these propositions will be agreeable to the EU:
Free Trade Agreement: Our delegation, in this regard, is in favour of a ‘Canada-Style Plus FTA’ arrangement between the United Kingdom and European Union. Under this, tariffs and other barriers to trade would be eliminated as much as possible, meaning that trade could be kept at its record levels between the United Kingdom and European Union. It is in both our interests for the United Kingdom to remain a prominent market to the European Union, and for the European Union to be a considerable market for the United Kingdom through unlimited and seamless access to the EU single market. Businesses in both the UK and EU should be able to enjoy clear, unrestricted access to each other’s markets. In particular, the UK sees preserving the current volume of trade between Dover and Calais, which is a lifeline for both the French and British economy. We propose the following in regards to tariffs, regulations and movement of goods, capital and services:
  • The UK has absolutely no interest or want to use tariffs as a weapon in either trade or diplomacy, especially with the EU. Our economies would suffer for no discernible gain, and thus the UK seeks to oppose the concept of using tariffs in any way post-Brexit between the EU and UK. Trade must be seamless if we are to both prosper after this great geopolitical ‘break-up’. There is one particular exception to this rule that the UK wishes to include and apply tariffs on; namely, Coal. As the UK and Europe strive toward green and carbon neutral economies, it is important that old, dirty methods of energy are left behind, and by placing a mutually harsh tariff on coal, we can ensure that neither side’s corporations elect to produce cheap coal to sell between the UK and EU. The UK will also go on to form its own distinct Local Content Requirements, much like the EU currently enforces, to rejuvenate its domestic automobile industry. We hope that the European Union agrees to the need to, in the Free Trade portion of CETERA, remove nearly all tariffs and other trade barriers to ensure maximum economic prosperity, along with a green future.
  • Concerning EU Regulations, we believe that whilst the concept of a ‘level playing field’ proposed by the EU is an agreeable principle, it needs to be fleshed out, and thus the UK offers a compromise - It will continue to adhere to (and pay into) certain EU regulations, from regulatory bodies concerning organic agriculture to certification of porcine semen, to regulations concerning data roaming, rights of air passengers, clean beaches, etc etc - the list goes on. We are willing to sign onto certain EU regulations. However, in return the EU would be asked to soften its requests on the UK to sign up to common regulations on labour, the environment and state aid, thereby respecting the UK principle of post-Brexit sovereignty. To sweeten this regulatory compromise, the UK is willing to agree to a dispute settlement mechanism between itself and the EU, allowing the European Union to feel assured that if the UK broke the principles of fair competition (and vice versa), thorough and quick legal action could be sought.
  • The UK would like as smooth a movement of goods, capital and services as possible between Britain and the EU. We see a need for an agreement to mutually ban the imposition of customs duties on each other’s goods, capital and services to ensure this occurs, and our economies can continue to mutually flourish. We would also like to see a continuation of mutual respect for the principle of non-discrimination when concerning the movement of goods, capital and services.
Fishing: Concerning fishing policy, we propose a compromise between British desires for a Norwegian-style yearly arrangement and a permanent solution favoured by Europe: a bi-annual fishing deal on quotas and relevant management issues, with a pre-agreed standard that the EU shall enjoy limited access to UK waters, to fish around 10% of quotas as a hard limit. If European trawlers violate this standard, and exceed it, then they are liable to be removed from the EEZ by Royal Navy patrols. These bi-annual negotiations would concern how best to preserve fish stocks from overfishing for example. We hope the first deal is to be negotiated and formalised by the end of 2021. In exchange for this compromise, where EU fishermen still have (albeit more limited access) to UK waters, the British government would like to see unlimited British seafood imports and exports in the EU, as per the French proposal in early 2020.
Northern Ireland: We accept, and support the current arrangement agreed in the Withdrawal Agreement regarding that Northern Ireland; that it remains party to certain European single market regulations, such as European VAT, and an inconsequential regulatory border is mandated in the Irish sea, to be managed domestically by British customs. The Irish border will not be a hard border, thus abiding by the Good Friday Agreement, and both EU and UK negotiating positions. We hope that the EU does not seek to change this, as it would both violate the GFA and the Withdrawal Agreement’s integrity.
EU Organisations: The United Kingdom believes in an ‘exceptional relationship’ with Europe, wherein close alignment and friendship is sought with the EU on many matters, from diplomatic, to economic, to tackling key shared social issues. To facilitate this exceptional relationship, we propose that the United Kingdom remains and member and re-affirms its existing commitments (such as payments) to existing European intergovernmental organisations and international conventions, listed below:
  • Erasmus University Exchange Programme
  • European Energy Community
  • Europass & European Qualifications Framework
  • European Convention on Human Rights
  • European Space Agency
  • European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control; according to the Royal College of Physicians, no single country could fulfil the role of the as their early warning and information sharing system offer medics and hospitals realtime updates on non-pandemic illnesses such as waterborne diseases, and HIV. We would like to please continue to participate in this item, and continue to pay for it.
  • European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom)
  • GALILEO Satellite Programme
  • European Arrest Warrant
  • Single European Sky
  • COST Association (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)
  • Horizon 2020, we view that continued UK membership in this project will be incredibly beneficial for both parties, as such we would like the EU’s agreement for us to keep paying into and contributing to this project.
  • Eiroforum:
    • CERN
    • EUROfusion
    • EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory)
    • ESO (European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere)
    • ESRF (Europea Synchrotron Radiation Facility)
    • European XFEL (European XFEL Free-Electron Laser Facility)
    • ILL (Institut Laue-Langevin)
  • EU–US Open Skies Agreement
  • Security and Counter Terror Agreements
Financial Services Passporting: We request an agreement with the EU that allows businesses - especially financial - to register with the EU as an EU compatible businesses, which would ensure they can continue to operate and export their goods and especially services to the EU. Under this system, they would remain subject to EU spot checks and legislation. In return, the UK will allow EU regulators preferential access to the UK in order to investigate these passporting companies, to ensure their compliance with the rules.
Gibraltar, Akrotiri and Dhekelia: We wish for there to be full freedom of movement and for these territories to remain in certain mechanisms of the European Single Market, such as the arrangement with Northern Ireland. This is something that Spain and Cyprus have indicated in the past that it would be fully in favour of accepting.
EU Citizens; Tourism, Work, Study and Healthcare: The following proposals below outline our personal policy toward EU Citizens seeking to travel to the UK for purposes of tourism, work and study, and the healthcare they may enjoy. We hope for reciprocal treatment from the EU if these proposals are accepted:
  • The rights of EU citizens are important to the UK. Whilst they have already been secured under the Withdrawal Agreement and Right to Remain programme, the UK pledges to continue to give EU holidaymakers preferential and quick admission to the UK. The United Kingdom will work on a system of eVisas for EU citizens, granting of a free 9 month visa online prior travel, or alternatively the granting of a 9 month visa upon arrival for EU citizens. After this 6 month period has passed, they will have to apply for longer stays with the relevant high commission/embassy of their country. We hope our citizens receive similar, or identical, treatment from the EU.
  • We also believe that the rights of EU workers and students to access UK Universities and Businesses are vital. Here, we seek to replicate a miniature ‘freedom of movement’, to reflect our close ties to the European Union. Thus, we will create a new category of visas in the UK for EU citizens exclusively;
    • EU General Work Visas will have the bureaucracy for sponsorships cut down if the worker attempting to gain a visa currently earns over €35,000, and the process will be fast streamed through the Home Office. Fees will also be cut down for EU citizens, by around 50% (if they earn over the specified amount). EU Citizens who apply with current earnings of over €80,000 annually will not require sponsorships to gain entry, instead they will specify their future employer in the UK, and the Home Office will perform background checks.
    • EU Healthcare Work Visas will have much the same costs and streamlined process as General Work visas for those earning over €80,000; if a doctor, nurse or other medical professional is seeking to emigrate to the UK and get this visa, they only need proof of employment from either the NHS or a private healthcare firm, along with a background check, and to pay a small fee of $100 for administrative costs.
    • EU Student Visas will be a special visa for citizens of the EEA and EU. Here, all that will be required is an offer from a British University, proof of enough personal finance to support themselves during study (such as a University Accommodation contract or parent’s earning slips), and the ability to speak, read and write English at a “sufficient” or above level. These visas will carry a small €25 fee.
  • Regarding Healthcare for EU Citizens, the UK will change policy, brining their rights in line with other visa travellers, meaning healthcare comes with a fee. However, to symbolise the exceptional relationship between us, we will lower the fees for healthcare exclusively for EU citizens. Of course, those with Right to Remain will be entitled to continue to enjoy the NHS free of charge. The UK seeks to make certain of the fact that health and travel insurance can continue to be fully comprehensively compatible between the EU and UK, and thus we will immediately take action, granting EU insurance companies the explicit right to manage their service with the Department for Health and NHS. We hope for reciprocal treatment in all these matters, especially regarding the lowered fees.
Policing, Security & Counter-Terrorism Cooperation: We find that Europe is an essential organisation for the shared security of both the United Kingdom and the EU. Whilst Europol is a constituent of the European Union, Europol does co-operate on an operational basis with many countries, such as Albania, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Moldova, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, and the United States of America and, importantly, Interpol. It also has “strategic treaty agreements” with countries such as China, Russia, and Turkey. The UK requests to continue close cooperation with Europol, gaining the Operational Basis and Strategic Agreement status. In exchange, we are prepared to continue paying the same share as we presently do, in order to preserve continuity in these urgent security matters. We hope this matter can also be translated when considering the European Arrest Warrant.
Football: We wish to come to an agreement with the EU on the status of professional footballers, which the UK and EU has a long shared history of cooperation and exchange in. At present, if a British footballer is allowed to work in the EU, they are allowed to live and work in any EU country. We would wish to see continuity in this respect, and pay into its continued enforcement, and receive assurances that footballers from Britain may also continue to do so. Naturally, this would also apply for EU footballers in the UK.
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MAME 0.223

MAME 0.223

MAME 0.223 has finally arrived, and what a release it is – there’s definitely something for everyone! Starting with some of the more esoteric additions, Linus Åkesson’s AVR-based hardware chiptune project and Power Ninja Action Challenge demos are now supported. These demos use minimal hardware to generate sound and/or video, relying on precise CPU timings to work. With this release, every hand-held LCD game from Nintendo’s Game & Watch and related lines is supported in MAME, with Donkey Kong Hockey bringing up the rear. Also of note is the Bassmate Computer fishing aid, made by Nintendo and marketed by Telko and other companies, which is clearly based on the dual-screen Game & Watch design. The steady stream of TV games hasn’t stopped, with a number of French releases from Conny/VideoJet among this month’s batch.
For the first time ever, games running on the Barcrest MPU4 video system are emulated well enough to be playable. Titles that are now working include several games based on the popular British TV game show The Crystal Maze, Adders and Ladders, The Mating Game, and Prize Tetris. In a clear win for MAME’s modular architecture, the breakthrough came through the discovery of a significant flaw in our Motorola MC6840 Programmable Timer Module emulation that was causing issues for the Fairlight CMI IIx synthesiser. In the same manner, the Busicom 141-PF desk calculator is now working, thanks to improvements made to Intel 4004 CPU emulation that came out of emulating the INTELLEC 4 development system and the prototype 4004-based controller board for Flicker pinball. The Busicom 141-PF is historically significant, being the first application of Intel’s first microprocessor.
Fans of classic vector arcade games are in for a treat this month. Former project coordinator Aaron Giles has contributed netlist-based sound emulation for thirteen Cinematronics vector games: Space War, Barrier, Star Hawk, Speed Freak, Star Castle, War of the Worlds, Sundance, Tail Gunner, Rip Off, Armor Attack, Warrior, Solar Quest and Boxing Bugs. This resolves long-standing issues with the previous simulation based on playing recorded samples. Colin Howell has also refined the sound emulation for Midway’s 280-ZZZAP and Gun Fight.
V.Smile joystick inputs are now working for all dumped cartridges, and with fixes for ROM bank selection the V.Smile Motion software is also usable. The accelerometer-based V.Smile Motion controller is not emulated, but the software can all be used with the standard V.Smile joystick controller. Another pair of systems with inputs that now work is the original Macintosh (128K/512K/512Ke) and Macintosh Plus. These systems’ keyboards are now fully emulated, including the separate numeric keypad available for the original Macintosh, the Macintosh Plus keyboard with integrated numeric keypad, and a few European ISO layout keyboards for the original Macintosh. There are still some emulation issues, but you can play Beyond Dark Castle with MAME’s Macintosh Plus emulation again.
In other home computer emulation news, MAME’s SAM Coupé driver now supports a number of peripherals that connect to the rear expansion port, a software list containing IRIX hard disk installations for SGI MIPS workstations has been added, and tape loading now works for the Specialist system (a DIY computer designed in the USSR).
Of course, there’s far more to enjoy, and you can read all about it in the whatsnew.txt file, or get the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page. (For brevity, promoted V.Smile software list entries and new Barcrest MPU4 clones made up from existing dumps have been omitted here.)

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